Matunda Hub is a platform for interaction, sharing and learning. We are building an ecosystem for farmers and entrepreneurs to thrive in what they do best. Thus, we highly value our members and wish to offer them the best benefits to grow their agribusinesses and advance their agricultural practices.

“If you want to go gast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

Our Membership Packages

/ Start-Ups / Incubation Alumni

  • 25% off for all Matunda Hub Events, Trainings & Workshops
  • Access to coworking space
    1. Physical address
    2. Once a week office facility + internet
  • Online profile on Matunda Hub Website/ Social media coverage (Marketing)
  • Two hours of mentorship per month
  • Be part of a national and international network
  1. Monthly UGX 60,000
  2. Annually UGX 600,000

Individual Farmers

  • 25% off for all Matunda Hub Events, Trainings & Workshops
  • Get notified about events & workshops (phone calls/ email)
  • Agricultural advisory services (monthly phone calls + two farm visits per year)
  • Commission based marketing of crops
  1. Monthly UGX 15,000
  2. Annually UGX 150,000

Farmer Group/ Cooperative

  • Get notified about events & workshops (phone calls/ email)
  • 25% discount for 2 representatives attending Matunda Hub events & workshops
  • Agricultural advisory services (monthly phone calls)
  • Commission based marketing of crops
  • Two hours mentorship/ support training per month.
  1. Monthly UGX 1,000 per member

Become a mentor

We believe that no one can solve today’s problems in the world alone. We support our social entrepreneurs and incubatees through matching them with industry experts who have the necessary know-how and know-who to move a start-up to the next level to solve such a social or environmental problem.

Are you passionate about enabling knowledge transfer, building skills and providing new perspectives? Do you find satisfaction in helping others to achieve their dreams?

Then get in touch with us and join a team of mentors to shape the future of tomorrow’s great entrepreneur!

Our Mentorship Program

  • Mentorship is a voluntary or pro-bono program
  • Mentors may choose mentees and vice versa
  • Matunda Hub provides an on-boarding session to support the mentor in his/her work.
  • Dedicate 2 hours per month to support and guide a young entrepreneur for a period of 3 to 6 months (on average)
  • Interaction time can be face-to-face, on phone or online (skype, WhatsApp and/or email)

Volunteer with Matunda Hub!

As a start-up we highly appreciate and benefit from volunteers as we offer a unique experience in return. Have you ever wondered what it is like to work for a start-up? Do you feel like spending time with rural communities in Eastern Uganda to share knowledge and experience? Did you ever want to find out whether farming or agro-processing is your kind of thing? Then volunteering with Matunda Hub for a period of 2-6 months might be just what you were looking for. Your tasks and involvement depend on your available time and your areas of interest.

Potential roles as a volunteer:

Our local and international business coaches meet with assigned incubates once or twice a week to discuss agribusiness challenges, progress and plan a way forward. No need for any business degree, sometimes an open-minded and solution-seeking conversation is just what an entrepreneur needs.

You love writing and/or photography? We work with incredible individuals – from rural farmer to young entrepreneurs – and create a difference in their lives. Support us in capturing their stories and sharing them with others. Through that our aim is to close the gap between food producers and consumers globally.

For experienced volunteers we offer the opportunity to closely mentor one of our entrepreneurs in a more technical areas such as agro-processing (Wine, Honey, Porridge, Dried Fruit, Tomato Sauce, etc.) and/ or good agricultural practices as well as organic farming.

Throughout the year we organize a number of workshops, trainings and our annual Teso Entrepreneurship Forum (Link) which require proper planning, coordination with various stakeholders, creating an interactive agenda, sourcing speakers or facilitators etc. Come join us!

These are just some ideas and we always welcome new ideas to be tested, to be added or researched on.

Interested in volunteering? Get in touch and we schedule an e-meeting via WhatsApp or Skype.

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