Our Story

Matunda Hub was born out of the desire to create a social business model that works. After having worked for several years in the traditional NGO (non-governmental organization) and international development world, we (Carina & Ben) saw the need to generate real social impact – impact that goes beyond the lifespan of a project, impact that makes use of modern and dignified technologies and impact that is felt – socially, economically, environmentally and emotionally.

In 2017, we conducted a needs assessment in Soroti (Ben’s home district) to truly understand WHY there is little development in Uganda’s poorest region beside the tremendous opportunities and agricultural prosperity.

We found that soil fertility, sunshine and rain patterns are not the underlying reason for low socio-economic statuses. It was access to markets and buyers who offer fair prices that cover the production costs and have a profit margin. It was post-harvest handling, bulking and processing of crops. It was value addition to available high production volumes of oranges and citrus, nuts and seeds, grains and tubers.

“Teso sub-region is known to be the fruit basket of Uganda while Uganda is known to produce the best fruits in the whole of Africa.”

Matunda’ is a Swahili word meaning ‘fruit’ or literally “what you harvest”.

Matunda Hub is an Agribusiness Incubator founded in March 2018 in Soroti, Eastern Uganda, to nurture and empower youth to transform their business ideas into fruitful businesses by providing needs based capacity building, business and network support to test and validate their business ideas.

Matunda Hub is geared towards championing the creation of competitive enterprises and start-up ecosystem development focusing on the fruit value chains (orange, mango, pineapple etc).

We aim at co-creating a social enterprise that exists out of and works with amazing like-minded individuals who seek to uplift their own communities and bold people who make the impossible possible.

Our Vision

Our mission is to support rural youth and farmers to develop successful agribusinesses.

Our Mission

We envision a world where every young person in Uganda has the opportunity to be employed or self-employed to pursue a decent living.

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