Meet the team behind Matunda Hub.

Ben Akure

Co-Founder and Senior Agriculturist

Meet Ben

Ben developed a professional profile in organic farming and rural community development through working in international NGOs and government institutions. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Agro-Ecology while being responsible for Agribusiness Coaching of incubatees, improving agricultural practices and complying with quality control standards in agro-processing.



Meet You?

Our senior accountant has vast background of experiences in accounting, tax advisory and general administration. S/he manages Matunda Hub’s books of accounts and advises incubatees on up-to-date bookkeeping and accounting practices.

Denis Olupot

Product Marketing &
Personal Development Coach

Meet Denis

Denis has a background in project management and entrepreneurship. He worked as Marketing and Sales Strategist for different social enterprises and companies all over Uganda. Besides market development for Matunda Hub’s products, he guides and supports incubatees and members through personal and professional development coaching.

Julius Emwogu

Business Coach

Meet Julius

Julius is a serial entrepreneur (Agricultural Input Shop, Turkey Farm, and Shoe Manufacturing Business), Tony Elumelu Fellow 2018 and has worked as Senior Project Manager with international organizations all over the country.

Carina Juilfs

Co-Founder and Team Leader

Meet Carina

Carina passionately loves to develop ideas from scratch and co-creating a start-up ecosystem in Uganda. She graduated with an MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship from Uganda Martyrs University and Altis Business School in Milan, Italy. As a vision bearer, she is in charge with strategic business development as well as guiding daily operations.

Claudia Andert

Meet Claudia

Claudia is an organizational talent working for the Innovation Hub [The Garage] at Deloitte Hamburg. Being an MBA candidate in Talent Management and having a vast background in the marketing and international business development field, she advises Matunda Hub pro-bono on business strategy, human resource management and innovations.  

Julius Apegu

Business Coach

Meet Julius

Julius is an independent Consultant, Board member of Teso Fruit Cooperative Union and an expert in the Fruit Industry and Cooperative Management.

Norbert Otok

Strategic Management Advisor

Meet Norbert

Norbert is highly proficient in climate-smart technologies and community development work. He obtained an MBA in Marketing Management and has more than 7 years of professional work experience in managerial positions. At Matunda Hub, Norbert is advising on strategic business development as well as creating strong B2B partnerships with development actors and Ejijim distributors.

Francis Kusiimwa

Social Media & Creative Content

Meet Francis

Francis is a graduate of xxx, pursuing technical and innovative hobbies such as robotics and loves crafting words for our social media channels and website. Through his content creation we aim at telling the whole story of Matunda Hub, Ejijim and our to-be-entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Charles Okwalinga

Business Coach

Meet Charles

Charles is a Food Industry and Hospitality Expert, Managing Director of Teso Professionals Enterprise Development Organization (Teso Pedo) and amazingly enthusiastic about start-ups, Teso sub-region and agriculture.

Ian Namanya

Production & Marketing Manager

Meet Ian

Ian has a background in and is passionate about business and aviation. He has lived and worked in Kampala and Nairobi and is responsible for the planning, coordination and control of manufacturing processes of our fruit products as well as marketing of Ejijim in central Uganda.
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