We focus on creating and measuring social and economic impact while promoting organic and environmentally friendly agricultural and manufacturing practises to conserve the environment, enrich the soils we are using today to be fertile tomorrow.

We boost food and income security and look at agriculture as a liveliood and cultural expression. We make use of the ancient knowledge combined with modern, small scale technologies to increase productivity in a healthy manner.

We are concentrating on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

No 1: No Poverty and No 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth aligned with our vision of a world where every young person in Uganda has the opportunity to be employed or self-employed to pursue a decent living.

Agribusinesses we work with

Today (2019): 18

Today (2023): 500

Jobs created

Today (2019): >35

Today (2023): 1500

Farmers supported (Market Access & Trainings)

Today (2019): 200

Today (2023): 2000

Improved Income levels (above usd 1.25/ day)

Today (2019): UGX 150,000/

Today (2023): UGX 800,000/ month

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