Start an Agribusiness
We train and support young people in developing successful agribusinesses in Uganda. We co-create agribusinesses and offer long-term solutions, partnerships and growth opportunities in a community setting.

Our Incubation Program

Matunda Hub trains, guides and coaches young agri-entrepreneurs to transform a business idea into a viable business model over a period of 10 months.

We start by capacity building in entrepreneurship in form of weekend boot camps in cohorts of 10-15 incubatees.

After that, we develop customized start-up road maps and each entrepreneur will work together one-on-one with a business coach on a weekly basis and industry mentor on a monthly basis for a period of 6 months.

Together we will develop a viable business model, business plan and pitch to be seed investment ready. We will go through the initial start-up stage and mentor you on overcoming challenges you are facing.

During this time you will be exposed to lean start-up approaches such as the business model canvas, agricultural innovations and technologies as well as a wide network of successful and starting entrepreneurs in the ecosystem.

We will also provide or connect the most promising agri-preneurs with seed investment, accelerator programs or graduate you to one of our associate partners.

The program fee for 10-months-incubation is UGX 500,000 per participant which may be paid in monthly installments. We occasionally offer one scholarship per cohort for a viable business idea and dedicated entrepreneur who does not afford the program fee (to be proven).

How to Apply today.

Matunda Hub has two application rounds each year.
Look out for our Calls for Application in January/ February and June/ July of each year.

Find out here what our application requirements are.

Fill in our Application Form

Available at

  • Matunda Hub offices or
  • Apply Online here

Deadline for Cohort A in 2019: 20th January 2019. – Program start in February 2019.

Deadline for Cohort B in 2019: 28th June 2019. – Program start in July 2019.

Phone Interview

After screening the written applications, Matunda Hub schedules a phone interview with the most qualifying entrepreneurs and their creative agribusiness ideas. Successful candidates are being admitted to the incubation program.

Our screening criteria:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset: The founder (or founding team) is dedicated and ready for hard work and failure, passionate and self-motivated. Entrepreneurs have a desire for personal and professional growth.
  • Business viability & innovation: There is a difference between a good idea (something that someone one morning wakes up with) and a viable business (based on initial customer interactions and market research). This takes into consideration that you may have an ordinary idea but a unique sales, marketing or distribution strategy.
  • Product-Market-Fit: The agribusiness sector is competitive; therefore there should be a clear customer pain/ problem that the product/ service is solving under consideration of future consumer trends.

Meet our Entrepreneurs.

Poultry Rearing

Ekwang Moses – Cohort 2018
Based in Anyara sub-county, Kabermaido District, Moses founded Happy Poultry Farm with 50 chicken from certified incubation centres aiming at commercial egg and meat production of 1000 layers by 2020. He delivers and sells his products to supermarkets and restaurants in Teso sub-region. The enterprise’s goal is to transform the rural community through poultry farming for better livelihoods.

Passion Fruit Farming

Emio Moses – Cohort 2018
Sure and Trendy Farm was founded by Emio Moses who is a passionate and practicing organic agriculturist based in Tubur sub-county, Soroti District. He established a 2-acre passion fruit farm, a seedling nursery and offers agri-tourism on his farm. The goal is to have a 10-acre passion fruits and vegetable farm under irrigation to provide food and income for the community.

Hibiscus Wine

Ikirimat Emeru Jennifer – Cohort 2019
Jida is a company focused on the production and processing of natural products from organically grown hibiscus sabdarrifa flower for the local and international market. Our goal is to produce high-quality organic juice and wine. We are based in Wera sub-county, Amuria district. Jida is a limited company and was founded by Jennifer Ikirimat, Dinah Akurut and Acen Rebecca.

Tree nursery

Enotu Richard Diamond – Cohort 2019
Located in Olianai Village in Amuria District, Olianai Commercial Mixed Farms Group raises a variety of seedlings including fruit trees, timber trees, ornamental, and live hedge seedlings. Other activities include fruit tree orchards, vegetable growing, apiens, aqua-culture, and animal husbandry. We target rural farmers, public institutions, Operation Wealth Creation, and the environment.

Solar drying

Amoni John – Cohort 2019
Rosam Farm deals in organic solar dried fruits and vegetables. We are an Amuria district-based company in Auvela Village, Wera sub-county. Our target customers include B2B customers such as agro-processors and ingredient companies as well as B2C such as malnourished children and elders.

Mushroom Farming

Eunice Amenya – Cohort 2019
Olem Tropical Investments is a joint partnership business producing and marketing fruits, vegetables, coffee and mushrooms. We produce and sell fresh and delicious oyster mushrooms, offer consultancy and advisory services and give trainings on mushroom cultivation. Our fresh mushrooms are sold to households within the urban areas of Lira district, restaurants and hotels in town. The venture is owned and managed by Eunice Amenya and Herbert Olinga who were brought together by their passion for agriculture and a vision for healthy and thriving communities through farming.

Agricultural Extension Services

Tom Esalu – Cohort 2019
Based in Amuria Town Council, Okungur Agricultural Enterprises Limited deals in agricultural inputs including agro chemicals, fertilizers, and certified seeds. We buy and sell agricultural outputs, as well as animal drugs and equipment. We are experts in providing agricultural extension services for both in crop and animal production.


Emmanuel Ekaru Aloka – Cohort 2019
Flying Bees Investment produces natural honey and bee venom, and focuses on waste product value addition. We are based in Acanipi Village in Akeran subcounty, Amuria District. We target customers with diabetes and children under the age of five years to focus on better health and growth.
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