Our Story

Matunda Hub was born out of the desire to create a social business model that works. After having worked for several years in the traditional NGO (non-governmental organization) and international development world, we (Carina & Ben) saw the need to generate real social impact – impact that goes beyond the lifespan of a project, impact that makes use of modern and dignified technologies and impact that is felt – socially, economically, environmentally and emotionally.

In 2017, we conducted a needs assessment in Soroti (Ben’s home district) to truly understand WHY there is little development in Uganda’s poorest region beside the tremendous opportunities and agricultural prosperity.

We found that soil fertility, sunshine and rain patterns are not the underlying reason for low socio-economic statuses. It was access to markets and buyers who offer fair prices that cover the production costs and have a profit margin. It was post-harvest handling, bulking and processing of crops. It was value addition to available high production volumes of oranges and citrus, nuts and seeds, grains and tubers.

“Teso sub-region is known to be the fruit basket of Uganda while Uganda is known to produce the best fruits in the whole of Africa.”

Matunda’ is a Swahili word meaning ‘fruit’ or literally “what you harvest”.

Matunda Hub is an Agribusiness Incubator founded in March 2018 in Soroti, Eastern Uganda, to nurture and empower youth to transform their business ideas into fruitful businesses by providing needs based capacity building, business and network support to test and validate their business ideas.

Matunda Hub is geared towards championing the creation of competitive enterprises and start-up ecosystem development focusing on the fruit value chains (orange, mango, pineapple etc).

We aim at co-creating a social enterprise that exists out of and works with amazing like-minded individuals who seek to uplift their own communities and bold people who make the impossible possible.


We envision a world where every young person in Uganda has the opportunity to be employed or self-employed to pursue a decent living.


Our mission is to support rural youth and farmers to develop successful agribusinesses.

Meet the team behind Matunda Hub.

Claudia Andert

Talent and Innovation Advisor

Meet Claudia

Claudia is an organizational talent working for the Innovation Hub [The Garage] at Deloitte Hamburg. Being an MBA candidate in Talent Management and having a vast background in the marketing and international business development field, she advises Matunda Hub pro-bono on business strategy, human resource management and innovations.  



Are you the one?

Our senior accountant has vast background of experiences in accounting, tax advisory and general administration. S/he manages Matunda Hub’s books of accounts and advises incubatees on up-to-date bookkeeping and accounting practices.

Julius Emwogu

Business Coach

Meet Julius

Julius is a serial entrepreneur (Agricultural Input Shop, Turkey Farm, and Shoe Manufacturing Business), Tony Elumelu Fellow 2018 and has worked as Senior Project Manager with international organizations all over the country.

Jana Giles

Business Coach

Meet Jana

Jana is energized by the pursuit of environmental and social sustainability, especially within the agricultural industry. She is currently a Chemical Engineering/ Environmental Studies student at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. Through the Engineers Without Borders Junior Fellowship program, she will guide incubatees through the implementation of business models.

Carina Juilfs

Co-Founder and Team Leader

Meet Carina

Carina passionately loves to develop ideas from scratch and co-creating a start-up ecosystem in Uganda. She graduated with an MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship from Uganda Martyrs University and Altis Business School in Milan, Italy. As a vision bearer, she is in charge with strategic business development as well as guiding daily operations.

Ben Akure

Co-Founder and Senior Agriculturist

Meet Ben

Ben developed a professional profile in organic farming and rural community development through working in international NGOs and government institutions. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Agro-Ecology while being responsible for Agribusiness Coaching of incubatees, improving agricultural practices and complying with quality control standards in agro-processing.

Denis Olupot

Product Marketing &
Personal Development Coach

Meet Denis

Denis has a background in project management and entrepreneurship. He worked as Marketing and Sales Strategist for different social enterprises and companies all over Uganda. Besides market development for Matunda Hub’s products, he guides and supports incubatees and members through personal and professional development coaching.

Julius Apegu

Business Coach

Meet Julius

Julius is an independent Consultant, Board member of Teso Fruit Cooperative Union and an expert in the Fruit Industry and Cooperative Management.

Norbert Otok

Strategic Management Advisor

Meet Norbert

Norbert is highly proficient in climate-smart technologies and community development work. He obtained an MBA in Marketing Management and has more than 7 years of professional work experience in managerial positions. At Matunda Hub, Norbert is advising on strategic business development as well as creating strong B2B partnerships with development actors and Ejijim distributors.

Charles Okwalinga

Business Coach

Meet Charles

Charles is a Food Industry and Hospitality Expert, Managing Director of Teso Professionals Enterprise Development Organization (Teso Pedo) and amazingly enthusiastic about start-ups, Teso sub-region and agriculture.

Ian Namanya

Production & Marketing Manager

Meet Ian

Ian has a background in and is passionate about business and aviation. He has lived and worked in Kampala and Nairobi and is responsible for the planning, coordination and control of manufacturing processes of our fruit products as well as marketing of Ejijim in central Uganda.

Natalie Enriquez-Birch

Social Media Manager

Meet Natalie

Natalie is a second-year Industrial Engineering student at the University of Toronto in Canada. She currently serves in a Communications capacity for Matunda Hub as an Engineers Without Borders Junior Fellow. Natalie is passionate about social change with a focus on Indigenous Peoples in Canada and worldwide.

Fruit sector development

Uganda is the second largest producer of fresh fruits and vegetables in Sub Saharan Africa, after Nigeria.

It produces about 1.1 million tonnes per year! Of these, are the sweetest pineapples in the world! However, most of these fruits and vegetables get spoilt before they reach the market.

If they are lucky to survive, a huge chunk of them doesn’t reach the market because the farmers fail to find it! Matunda Hub is here to solve this disparity.

Uganda is the second largest producer of fresh fruits and vegetables in Sub Saharan Africa, after Nigeria.

It produces about 1.1 million tonnes per year! Of these, are the sweetest pineapples in the world! However, most of these fruits and vegetables get spoilt before they reach the market.

Uganda is the second largest producer of fresh fruits and vegetables in Sub Saharan Africa, after Nigeria.

Our Partners.

We believe in partnerships that share a vision,
are mutually beneficial and through which efforts are quadrupled.
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