Something new is happening in Soroti

About us

Matunda Hub is a social enterprise based in Soroti, Eastern Uganda, with a mission to support
rural and urban youth in developing agribusinesses intially focusing on fruit value addition.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every young person in Uganda has the opportunity to be employed or self-employed to pursue a decent living.


Our Approach

Through an agribusiness focused entrepreneurship program including training, coaching, mentoring and linking young people to relevant and like-minded stakeholders, Matunda Hub enhances mSME development in value adding agriculture.

Our Objective

We are not only promoting and supporting innovative agri-preneurs through entrepreneruship but also seeking to develop the fruit industry through partnerships to create employment.


We aim at incubating 40 youth enterprises and create 120 direct jobs as well as avenues for sustainable income for 200 farmers from Teso sub-region within the first year of operation

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